Volume 1-Issue 1 : August-2015

Volume 2 Issue 2 : June-2015

Volume 3 Issue 1 : January-2016

Volume 3 Issue 2  : June-2016

Volume 4 Issue 1  : JANUARY-2017

Volume 4 Issue 2  : JUNE-2017

Volume 5 Issue 1  : JANUARY-2018

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Volume 6 Issue 1 : January-2019

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Volume 7-Issue 1 : January-2020 

Volume 7 Issue 2 : June-2020

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Public-Private Partnership in Higher Education

Dr. Shefali Pandya

2 A Study of the Values Derived from the Book of Father Valles “Samaj Ghadtar” Dr. RAJENDRA B. PATEL
3 ELT and ICT - A Challenge for the Modern Teachers Dr. Kalpesh V. Patel
4 Gijubhai Badheka: Thoughts on Child Education Dr. Jayshri J.Dixit
5 Making e-learning Comfortable and Joyful for CwSN

Dr. Bharti Kaushik

Ms. Akshita Saxena

6 Globalization and its Impact on Indian Education Dr.Yogeshchandra K. Barot
7 Problems Encountered by Women in India Dr. Ronakkumar Rajubhai Parmar
8 Life Skill Development in Physical Education Dr. Nilesh Lohar
9 A Study of the Perceptions of the Muslim Women Towards Women Education Dr. Intekhabalam K. Ansari
10 SYTO : A Project Programme for Communicating in Sanskrit

Mr. Sanjay B. Patel

Dr. Rajubhai Parghi

11 A Comparative Study of ‘Self-concept’, Creativity and Anxiety in the Male and Female Trainee Teachers Studying in Jr. College of Education (D. T. ED.)

Mrs. Vandana R. Bhende

Dr. Suhas R. Patil

12 Education for Sustainable Development: Barriers & Suggestions

Dr. Rucha Desai

13 Innovative Practices in Improving Learning Levels of the Students

Vishwajeet K Yadav

Dr Mandira Sikdar


Theoretical Background of Attitude, Beliefs and Teacher Effectiveness of teacher Educators

Dr. Dipak Chavan

Rupali Shewale

15 A Study of Emotional Intelligence of the future Teacher Educators in Lockdown Scenario in Relation to Certain Variables

Dr. Jignesh B. Patel

Amrita Marshal

Volume 8 Issue 1 : January-2021

Sr. No Title Name of Author/s
1 Impact of Covid - 19 On Higher Education Dr. Rajendra B. Patel
2 Using ICT Mediated Constructivist Strategies to Integrate SDGs with Mathematics Dr. R. K. Nayak
3 A New Age Challenges for Teachers - Impact of Covid -19 Pandemic on Teaching in India Dr. Kalpesh V. Patel
4 Teacher's Perception and Mobile Technology Dr. Dipti N. Trivedi
5 Social Myths as a Roadblock in the Path of Nationa Building Mamta Rani
Dr. Satishprakash S. Shukla
6 Corporate Training V/S Classroom Teaching for Employability - English Language Acquisition Dr. Jayesh D. Patel
7 Challenging Issues of Tribal Students of Savitribai Phule University Dr.Nisha Jitendra Valvi
Prof. Sanjeev Sonawane
8 Attitudes Towards the Use of ICT in the Classroom Dr. Rajubhai Pargi
9 A Study on the Online Education Dr. Intekhabalam Ansari
10 Relationship between Research Supervisor and Doctoral Student Nancy Gogia
Dr. Y. Vijaya Lakshmi
11 Comparing Gunotsav and Gunotsav 2.O Programs of Evaluation at Elementary level in Gujarat

Ganga Thapa
Pro. Sujata Srivastav

12 Diversity in learning styles: Implications for Higher Education Dr. Mandira Sikdar
13 Comparing Gunotsav and Gunotsav 2.O Programs of Evaluation at Elementary level in Gujarat

Ganga Thapa
Pro. Sujata Srivastav

14 Interactive White Board & Education Mr. Robins M. Bhagat

Dr. Pravinchandra R. Master

14 A Study of Job Satisfaction Among Secondary School Teachers : Woth Referenceto Valsad District of South Gujarat Kumari Pooja Kanaksinh Thakor

Volume 8 Issue 2 : June-2021

Volume 9 Issue 1 : January-2022

Volume 9 Issue 1.1 : March-2022 Special Issue - National Seminar - A. G. Teacher's Training College and CTEF, Gujarat

Sr. No Title Name of Author/s

Rapid transition from face-to-face to online learning: Application of lesson learned from Australia to the local context

Dr. Amisha H.Dave

Dr. Kashmira Dave

2 Best practices for Assessment: Online/ Offline Tools and Techniques : A Panoramic review of Assessment tools

Dr. Asha Rani Anto

3 Classroom Assessment Practice in Pre-service Teacher Training Program

Dr. Dharmendra A. Bumtaria

4 Quality Improvement Through ICT in Teacher Education

Dr. Hardik D. Mehta


Impact of Inclusion on Social and Academic Development of Children with Special Need

Dr. Hitesh Patel

Dr. Samir Vaghrodia

6 Building Ecosystem to Promote National Education Policy-2020 in Teacher Education Institute

Dr. Kaushal Yadav

7 Inclusion through Education: Facilitating Learning for Every Child

Dr. Md. Afroz Alam

8 Blended Learning, an innovative practice for online learning –Google chrome extensions and tools that complement blended learning

Dr. Nilesha Sisodiy


Critical Analysis of ‘Art in Education’ Subject in Teacher Education in Context of National Education Policy-2020

Dr. Rita Chhaganbhai Patel


From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side": A Teacher’s Role in Flipping the Classroom Activities for Undergraduate Engineering Students

Dr. Vaseemahmed G. Qureshi


A Comparative Study of Parental Involvement of Rural and Urban School Students of Chhattisgarh

Ekta Saxena

Dr. Reema Dewangan


A Comparative Study of Behaviour Deviance of Rural and Urban School Students of Chhattisgarh

Gita Chauhan

Dr. Pushpalata Sharma


Study of the effectiveness of self study through QR Code Technology (Digital Textbook With Q.R. Codes) on Std. 4 Students of Shri Shahpur Primary School

Hirenkumar Hasmukhbhai Jani


Teaching Skills of Teachers for the 21st Century Classroom

Kanai Sarkar

Dr. Rashmi Srivastava


Making Education Unstoppable Using OER

Kezia R


Early Childhood Care and Education: The Way Forward

Miss Malyani Padhan

Prof. Sujata Srivastava


Enhancing Metacognition In The Classroom: Exploring Possibilities

Mrs. Catherene Nithya. S


Mathematics Formative Assessment: Right mix of chalk and challenges

Ms. Purvi B. Arora

Dr. Prerana H. Shelat


Needs and Importance of Pedagogy in Teaching and Learning

Ms. Sefali Patel


Academic Freedom Index (AFi)- A Strategic Approach for the Success of National Education Policy-2020

Subhashini Sundara Raman

Dr. Prerana H. Shelata


Study of Effect of Socio Economic Status of Students With Respect to Organizational Climate of Kittur Rani Chennamma Residential Schools in Learning Process

Nanda Hanabaratt

Dr. K. B. Mulla


Situated Reformulation of Mathematical Problems in Schoolsd

Pankaj Singh


Teachers’ Perspectives towards Artificial Intelligence Enabled Classrooms in School Education

Prashant Kumar Pandey

Dr. G. R. Angadi


Task- Based Language Teaching to Improve The Skill 0f Communication

Sangeetha. K.


Reformation in Higher Education System: Current Needs and Opportunities

Shah Mittal Prakashkumarl

Dr. Kusum Yadav


Information and Communication Technology: A Literature Review of its Infrastructure and Application in Higher Education

Shazia Kouser

Dr Shilpa S. Popat


Significance of Early Childhood Care and Education to Reduce Stress During Adolescence

Sinimol V.M.


Blackboard to Bluescreen: Health Effects on Generation Alpha/ Screenagers

Sneha Chacko


Best Practices For Online Teaching: Classrooms, Educational Resources And Tools

Sreejaya Ke

Dr. V. Ambedkar


Technological Competency in Teaching of Student Teachers for Best Practices in Online Teaching

Vanaja M


Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Learning as a Technique of Teaching Online on the Mathematics Achievement of Higher Secondary Students

Vishnubhai M. Patel

Dr. Veenaben Patel

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