Volume 1-Issue 1 : August-2015

Volume 2 Issue 2 : June-2015

Volume 3 Issue 1 : January-2016

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Volume 5 Issue 1  : JANUARY-2018

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Volume 7-Issue 1 : January-2020 

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Public-Private Partnership in Higher Education

Dr. Shefali Pandya

2 A Study of the Values Derived from the Book of Father Valles “Samaj Ghadtar” Dr. RAJENDRA B. PATEL
3 ELT and ICT - A Challenge for the Modern Teachers Dr. Kalpesh V. Patel
4 Gijubhai Badheka: Thoughts on Child Education Dr. Jayshri J.Dixit
5 Making e-learning Comfortable and Joyful for CwSN

Dr. Bharti Kaushik

Ms. Akshita Saxena

6 Globalization and its Impact on Indian Education Dr.Yogeshchandra K. Barot
7 Problems Encountered by Women in India Dr. Ronakkumar Rajubhai Parmar
8 Life Skill Development in Physical Education Dr. Nilesh Lohar
9 A Study of the Perceptions of the Muslim Women Towards Women Education Dr. Intekhabalam K. Ansari
10 SYTO : A Project Programme for Communicating in Sanskrit

Mr. Sanjay B. Patel

Dr. Rajubhai Parghi

11 A Comparative Study of ‘Self-concept’, Creativity and Anxiety in the Male and Female Trainee Teachers Studying in Jr. College of Education (D. T. ED.)

Mrs. Vandana R. Bhende

Dr. Suhas R. Patil

12 Education for Sustainable Development: Barriers & Suggestions

Dr. Rucha Desai

13 Innovative Practices in Improving Learning Levels of the Students

Vishwajeet K Yadav

Dr Mandira Sikdar


Theoretical Background of Attitude, Beliefs and Teacher Effectiveness of teacher Educators

Dr. Dipak Chavan

Rupali Shewale

15 A Study of Emotional Intelligence of the future Teacher Educators in Lockdown Scenario in Relation to Certain Variables

Dr. Jignesh B. Patel

Amrita Marshal

Volume 8 Issue 1 : January-2021

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