Q: Introduction

EDUINSPIRE - an International e-Journal of CTE Gujarat Chapter is an online journal intended to publish and disseminate intellectual information as an article/paper may be in the form of conceptual/ theoretical paper, book reviews, literature reviews, analysis report, case study report, critical discussion on current issues/developments based reports or any other research based reports .

Q: Subject Areas :

Major focus area is the Teacher Education with its broader and innovative sense related with the aspects of teacher preparatory programs, curriculum, pedagogy, various methodologies, research, instruction, professional developments/growth, evaluation/ assessments, psychology, philosophy, technology/ICT, educational administration/management, leadership, school education, training institutions, in-service training programs for teachers/educators, extension programs, dimensions of learning & learners.

The aspects of academic level can be from pre-primary to higher-education and geographical level can be of local to global level.

Q: Manuscript :

Content of the article/paper should be between 3000 to 5,000 words including tables / figures / graphs. Content of the article/paper should be structured with appropriate bullets / numbers and set in the given framework (see checklist). Manuscript sent for the publications are expected to be original and innovative and also should not be published earlier anywhere in anyform.

Q: Format :

Manuscript will be accepted in MS-Word document format only. Manuscript should be free from grammatical errors and spell errors. Follow the following specifications for the format while preparing the manuscript. (To see the sample : Click here)

  1. Paper size must be A4 size.

  2. All the margins (top, bottom, left, right) must be of 1 inch.

  3. Page number must be inserted at the bottom in the centre.

  4. Text font must be ‘Times New Roman’.

  5. Font size : Title = bold 16 pt. ; Headings = bold 14 pt. ; Sub-headings = bold 12 pt. ; Other text = normal 12 pt.

Q: Checklist :

The article/Paper/manuscript must contain the following items in the following manner.

    • • Title of the article / paper

    • • About Author and Co-authors (Full Name, designation, name and address of the institution, author’s email-id and photograph)

    • • Abstract (about 200-300 words)

    • • Keywords ( about 5 – 6 words)

    • • Content of the article (including text, figures, tables, graphs)

    • • Conclusion

    • • List of all abbreviations

    • • References in APA format

Q: Editorial  Guidelines

Online submission / uploading of the e-paper will be acknowledged by the editorial authority through email to the corresponding author only. Manuscript than will be sent for blind review to the external reviewers having expertise in respective areas.  Reviewers’ confirmation will be acknowledged with the status as : Accept, Modify, Reject (see below). Contributors are expected to respect, appreciate and co-operate the final decision of the editorial authority/board.

Accept :

It means the article is recommended for publication.

Modify :

It means to any modifications recommended by the reviewers will be send back to the corresponding author for the revision. Authors /contributors will be expected to revise the manuscript as per the suggestions made by the reviewers and resubmit it for further proceedings.

Reject :

It means that there are major corrections or deficiency or factual errors in the content or the write-up or may have violated the guidelines.