>> Activities

  1. • Organise seminar at different places of Gujarat.

  2. • Organise workshop on current topic.

  3. • Provide guidance to Teacher Educators and Research Scholar.

  4. • Organise best dissertation competition.

  5. • Organise best research writing completion.

>>  Forthcoming Events

National Seminar at Vadodara in December, 2014 on Perspective in Higher Education.

>> Event Conducted uptill now 

Sr. No Name Brochure Report Photogallery
1 National Seminar on Quality Improvement at school level - Surat Brochure Report Link
2 National Seminar on quality Improvement in practice teaching teacher education -Petlad Brochure Report Link
3 A Report on Derol Station Brochure Report Link
4 National Level Orientation Programme on "Yoga education Needs for the 21st century" - Dabhoi Brochure Report Link
5 Report-Bacha Brochure Report Link
6 Report- Daman Seminar Brochure Report Link
7 Mehsana Seminar Brochure Report Link